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Message from the President

Representative Director / Representative of Iriya Gallery Shigeyuki Nakamura

Creating the image for the future

When I completed graduated school of Tokyo University of the Arts in April 1988, I rented a corner of the factory in down town Tokyo and started Be Factory in the form of an individual atelier with one employee.

Currently, 12 employees and 7 contract employees are working, and most of the employees are from art universities such as Tokyo University of the Arts.
By gathering art experts, we aim for comprehensive and integrated business system as the art experts. We are focusing on in-house training to meet "customer needs". By instilling the complete master of 3D software SolidWorks in our employees, we will endeavor to meet the various needs of our customers, even for complex large monuments and complexes shaped of objects.
The detailed and high-tech proposals we provide have been highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas, and in 2014 we received the 
title of "Adachi Brand" as a representative company of Adachi City in Tokyo.
With the strong desire that our finished products will lead to a comfortable future for each and every one of us, we continue to
push forward with every art-related business every day.

Shigeyuki Nakamura

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