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Business Overview / About us

Be-Factory Co., Ltd - General Production Company of the Arts - Be Factory Co., Ltd. introduces and makes full use of the latest equipment technology such as 3D CAD for planning, designing, producing, installing and maintaining such as public arts, landscape materials and interior equipments. With more than 30 years of experience, it is a comprehensive art production company that continues to grow.

The arts professionals

Most of the staff are from art colleges. By fusing their art sense and knowledge required for art production with the latest equipment technology, we will make proposals that meet the needs of our customers at each stage from planning to installation.

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Create a rich landscape and space by planning, producing and installing new models
Restoring / repairing / restoring the modeled object, preventing deterioration of the modeled object and landscape, and protecting the aesthetic appearance.
Connect works and writers to stimulate social demand for art

Various artworks are available indoors and outdoors.


The comprehensive and integrated system

The works we have worked on are diverse throughout Japan. One of the reasons is our comprehensive and integrated system. At each stage, the in-house staff smoothly takes over and checks the execution status, and we are systematizing that can respond to various changes at each stage. This business system makes it possible to produce high-quality shaped objects while eliminating costs and waste in the process.

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